Georgetown University Library Showcase – Design and Visualization Projects

Spring 2022

Financial Manhattan Project to end the War and Win Rebuild by establishing an Asset Ownership Standard.

Spring 2019

A physical addendum to an ePortfolio, this project consists of magnetic poetry, quotes, artwork, and poems.
A recreated image similar to those found on the video game GTA V's loading screens.
These projects created using many artistic mediums supported in the Maker Hub.
These designs express feelings of fear, love, and the need for balance.
This is what our feminist utopia looks like.

Fall 2018

This project shows the geography of migration in the early-twentieth century Eastern Mediterranean.

Spring 2018

3d models of actual abdominal aortas created for an anatomy class.
An in-depth study of the Helvetica typeface using different embroidery styles.
This project demonstrates environmental racism in Detroit.
How did we get to our current moment of "post-truth" in media and photography?
Showcase winner badge;

Spring 2016

With the help of open source software and Gelardin's Maker Space, Max Kim designed and prototyped a steno machine.
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