Georgetown University Library Showcase – Graphic Design Projects

Spring 2021

Our collective body of human knowledge and wisdom, rooted in different ways of knowing, seems to point to a need for collective healing which will take holistic intentionality, intersectionality, and courage in design.

Fall 2020

A student group in Professor Myriam Vuckovic's Global Health Promotion course created these instructional materials for primary schoolgirls in Tanzania.
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Spring 2019

These designs express feelings of fear, love, and the need for balance.
This is what our feminist utopia looks like.

Spring 2017

Festival brochure design for the 3rd annual Georgetown University Film Festival.
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Fall 2015

The image shown in this poster is of the Georgetown cross country team on the start line of the 2015 NCAA middle atlantic championship.
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The poster is designed to educate and encourage caretakers in Ghana to take their children for vision screening.
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Fall 2013

A cookbook created using illustrator for Georgetown's Introduction to Graphic Design course.
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