Maker Hub FAQ

Q: What can I do in the Maker Hub?

A: Lots! We've got all sorts of tools for making, and an awesome community to learn with. You can hang out with friends and make things together for fun, or work on your own thing. Some people come to work on class projects, and others are working on business ideas. In short, as long as you respect our policies and honor your responsibilities as a visitor, you can do whatever you want.

Q: How do I get started using the Maker Hub?

A: It's really as easy as just dropping in any time during our Open Hours, reviewing our Rules with a volunteer, and signing our Safety Waiver. For more details see Getting Started.

Q: What does it cost to use the Maker Hub?

A: (mostly) Nothing! We try to eliminate barriers to entry by keeping keeping costs low. There's no charge for use of 3D filament, scrap wood for the Laser Cutter, or reasonable use of vinyl for the Vinyl Cutter. There are few items we do charge for, such as resin for the SLA 3D printer. For all the details, see our section on "Consumables" in "Policies and Procedures." We also have Project Boxes, which allow you to reserve some equipment for yourself and not be charged for it.

Q: Will you make this for me?

A: Nope! As we like to say, we are "DIY and DIT, not DIFY." We'll gladly help you learn any tool, discuss your project plan, and stick by you every step of the way, but we don't offer fabrication as a service. We hope you'll find this more fun than "3D Kinko's."

Q: I can’t make it during your open hours, what can I do?

A: Consider becoming a Volunteer! Volunteers get increased access to the space. Alternatively, find a volunteer willing to supervise you during non-open hours (this is entirely at their discretion). If you want to use the Maker Hub for a class, club, meeting, or other event, contact to make arrangements.

Q: How do I learn how to use X?

A: There's lots of Ways to Learn how to use the tools in the Maker Hub. The easiest is just to drop in during our open hours, but there's also workshops, consultations, and the Chat System.

Q: I’m a staff, can I use the Maker Hub?

A: Absolutely! The Maker Hub is open to everyone with a GU ID.

Q: I’m not affiliated with Georgetown, can I use the Maker Hub?

A: The Maker Hub has several programs for engaging with non-GU people. Though our Maker Neighbor program, we invite talented makers to work with our community. We also run maker programs for K-12 students; contact us if you represent a school or outreach program and are looking for fun activities for your kids. We also invite GU's Entrepreneurs-in-Residence and representatives of local businesses and startups to come meet our community and share their experience. Contact to learn more!