Ear Wearable Pulse Oximeter Prototype

To make the pulse oximeter I used a MAX30100 chip within a breakout board, integrated with Arduino Uno and a Piezo Buzzer. The MAX30100 chip acts as a combined pulse oximetry and heart-rate monitor sensor solution.

The overall goal with this was to make a pulse oximeter that can be later converted to a ear wearable prototype that,

  • Modulates light from an IR LED and a red-light LED.
  • uses MAX30100 and Arduino.
  • Uisplays heart rate or oxygen saturation levels on Adruino IDE Serial printer, when connected to a computer.
  • For the piezo buzzer give a sound alert when heart rate and oxygen levels are below the standard rates. ( 93%).
Shavini Fernando
Course Title
CCT902 - Independent Study
Library Staff
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