Holy Crepe!

I created "Holy Crepe" as the final project for my Introduction to Animation class. The video was created using an under-the-camera stop motion animation technique and consists of more than 1000 individual pictures. Despite the time consuming nature of animating, there is only a single room on campus with the software to create stop-motion animation with the ability to play back the footage in real time; So, to avoid time and schedule conflicts with classmate , I decided to rent a tripod, camera, and lighting kits and completed the entire project in the living room of my Village A apartment. I combined my access to a kitchen and my favorite meal my mom would make for breakfast growing up as inspiration for my project. Despite the painstaking hours of capturing each individual frame then editing together, I am most proud of the quality I achieved due to animating blindly and the cohesiveness of the final product!

Clara Ganz