Georgetown University Library Showcase – Animation

Spring 2023

A lighthearted skit that centers around a character who spends a lot of time on the internet and tries their best to exercise.
The Environmental Impact Data Collaborative (EIDC) is a data platform currently developed by the Massive Data Institute. The stop-motion video is meant to serve as an introduction to the platform's mission and capabilities, using the available resources offered by the library's Gelardin Center.

Fall 2022

The piece is inspired by HAIM’s song, “Man From the Magazine,” written as an expression of the band’s frustration with the misogyny that overwhelms not only the music industry, but so many other areas of our world as well. This piece serves to empower others to take a stand in the face of precedent, rather than succumb to the complacent mindset of “it is what it is.”

Spring 2022

The story is really weird, it's about a group of monsters trying to figure out what a human looks like... but they do a bad job of it. This was my final project for my animation class.

Fall 2021

"This animation showcases a blind pianist (The Dreamer) who takes an epic but mental voyage across the ocean. Through his playing, he is able to experience a phenomenon that he would otherwise be incapable of because of his disability.
This was a personal reflection on my lived experience throughout 2021.
I created "Holy Crepe" as the final project for my Introduction to Animation class. The video was created using an under-the-camera stop motion animation technique and consists of more than 1000 individual pictures.
Showcase winner badge;

Spring 2019

A moment in gym class creates confusion about the human body.
This stop motion animation project was completed using M&M's, Skittles, and black and white beans.
A trippy animated music video created for the Intro to Animation class.
This stop motion animation is dedicated to one student's parents waiting for their only child to return home to South Korea.
Showcase winner badge;
A Georgetown student describes his unique experience with imposter syndrome while on campus.

Spring 2018

An animation of makeup application contrasted with destruction of the body.
An animated short reflecting the barbarity of the modeling industry.