Safety is the number 1 priority in the Maker Hub, but especially in the woodshop. Always wear eye protection when working in, or near anyone working in, the woodshop. Additionally, wear hearing protection if using a power tool that creates loud noise.

The Maker Hub is equipped with a range of power and hand tools, and our Volunteers are on hand to make sure you are comfortable using them. Check out our Workshops and Events page for Orientation and Introductory Sessions on our Power Tools.

Tools in the Maker Hub


The Maker Hub defines basic tools as simple, blunt hand tools such as

  • hammers
  • pliers
  • screwdrivers
  • clamps

These tools are available to after a basic Maker Hub Orientation

Level 1

Level 1 tools are basic tools for cutting and shaping wood. However unlike the basic tools, these can result in minor injuries such as cuts and scrapes. Please speak to a volunteers before using any of the following:

  • hand saws
  • chisels
  • power drills
  • Dremel

Level 2

Level 2 tools are more complex tools that require specialized training before use. These tools have the potential to seriously injure you, so please treat these tools with respect. You will need to speak to a knowledgable Volunteer or the Maker Hub Manager before using these tools.

  • drill press
  • CNC machine
  • orbital sander

Level 3

Level 3 tools pose the greatest risk to the user and are only available by special arrangement with the Maker Hub Manager. These tools are kept locked. Level 3 tools include: 

  • miter saw
  • track saw
  • jigsaw
  • router
  • scroll saw

Material Supply

The Maker Hub has a limited supply of wood, hardware (screws, nuts, bolts, brackets, etc), glue, and finishes. These materials are free to use in reasonable amounts for your projects. If you have a question about the materials supplied by the Maker Hub, you can contact the Maker Hub at makerhub@georgetown.edu, or come by during our open hours and ask a Volunteer.

Please put tools and materials away when you are done with them. If you don’t know where it goes, speak to a Volunteer and they will help you.