Multimedia CoLaboratory (Room 158)

What’s here:

  • 4 group-editing stations with large monitors and seating/tables for groups
  • Instructor station, projector, screen for classes

What you can do:

  • Edit Video
  • Edit Audio
  • Access the internet
  • View Media (headphones required, 4-port headphone extenders installed at all stations)
  • Teach courses
  • Screen videos
  • Teleconference using the webcams mounted on the monitors
  • See the software list for the computers in this space

These computers are only available to
(a) faculty who have made arrangements with the Gelardin New Media Center by emailing
(b) students in classes that take place in the 158 CoLab and are authorized to use a Gelardin multimedia space
(c) users with a valid Georgetown University NetID and password to login to the computers

Each patron is only guaranteed one 3-hour reservation per day. Reservations can be made online, in person, or via telephone (Main Desk 202-687-7607). Users may stay in the room past their 3-hour allotment but must be prepared to surrender the space in light of other reservations.