Georgetown University Library Showcase – Web Site Projects

Spring 2022

This course website houses blogs on course readings, podcasts on contemporary books, and StoryMaps researching the Middle East in an effort to bring research and resources to the public.

Fall 2020

Article on the School of Nursing & Health Studies website about the Class of 1920 nursing students during the flu pandemic.
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This site gives a tour of where the food system has gone wrong in Birmingham, Alabama by mapping food access and food sovereignty.
A StoryMap that analyzes the hog industry in Duplin County, NC through an environmental and food justice lens.
The current Registration system is provided by Ellucian Banner. Despite its comprehensive features that meet user needs, students often find it difficult to navigate and register due to the unintuitive design.
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"Confronting Climate Change" is an analysis of the relationship between climate gentrification and racial segregation in Dade County, Florida.

Spring 2019

This website explores gentrification as it relates specifically to DC neighborhoods.
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Spring 2018

Digital Witchcraft investigates the dialogue and images of witch films.
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How did we get to our current moment of "post-truth" in media and photography?
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