Georgetown University Library Showcase – Maker Hub Projects

Fall 2021

This is a 3D printed lithophane heart of my dog Kirby
This project is about making a thing that showcases one of my favorite writers and activists: Angela Davis. The purpose of the stamp is to make a a ton of prints for my friends to spread awareness of a key figure in the Black Power movement of the 60s and 70s.
How does anesthesia cause retrograde amnesia? Resources from the Maker Hub will allow us to better understand the process of forgetting.
A vibrant sunflower bag that wards off cloudy days
The Handless Music Binder is a 3-ring binder designed for musicians that allows a performer to turn pages of sheet music handsfree.
I have a large collection of vinyl records and I needed a place to store them. So in my free time, I made this vinyl record holder.
To thank the donors who make our program possible, we laser engraved log slices to make a festive holiday ornament.
A laser cut and hand-painted original design for someone special.
A gift for my grandmother. She's the reason I love my plants!

Summer 2021

A large viewfinder to shine a light on images of monuments combined with critical photography

Spring 2021

A laser-cut spaceship interior decorated with mixed-media and soldered adafruit lights programmed with arduino circuitboards.
Compost'd is the first ever compost receptacle designed for the freezer.

Fall 2020

These laser cut pieces are sculptural works created for my Studio Art Senior Thesis show on the themes of education and neurodiversity.
The project was meant to show how the COVID 19 pandemic is affecting healthcare workers as restrictions are lifted for the sake of the economy.
Hand made quilts highlighting Georgetown
A desk lamp made from vintage art slides

Spring 2020

The Lauinger Library Maker Hub staffers and volunteers have been using the 3D printers to help provide essential personal protective equipment (PPE) to healthcare workers in the area.
Showcase winner badge;
This clock was designed based on a 19th-century Cuban comb from the Smithsonian archives.

Fall 2019

I created a set of reflective post cards cards to help students in the LDT program to take a quick moment to slow down and express a little gratitude.
Helmet Hair, a multi-layered laser cut artwork